City of San Diego and San Diego Gas & Electric Belogorod Oblast and Belgorodenergo Partnership

 Exchange Visit To Belogorod

Moscow and Belogorod, Russia

June 12-19, 2011       

The purpose of the visit was to provide an opportunity for partnership representatives from San Diego to see the smart grid initiatives being implemented by Belgorodenergo, and within the Belgorod Oblast, and to jointly develop a workplan of activities to be conducted during FY 2013.

MRSK Holdings is developing four “smart cities” to test smart grid technologies within Russia. The other regions are Kaliningrad, Sochi and Nizhnevartovsk.  They are also doing a pilot project on smart meters in Perm.

The Belogorod Oblast is clearly the most advanced region having already deployed over 58,000 smart meters and implemented advanced data and video communications technologies within its service territory.  The team from San Diego expressed how impressed they were with Belgorodenergo’s progress and the technologies they have implemented.  They were especially impressed that a large part of the technology and equipment was developed in Russia.

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