SpaceCom 2017: Space Commerce Conference and Exposition


SpaceCom 2017 is the nexus between space innovation and your company. Learn how space technologies are being applied in your industry today.

SpaceCom is offering past registrants the first opportunity to register for SpaceCom 2017, coming up this December 5-7 in Houston, TX. If you register for the full conference by June 30, 2017 using code EM1, you will receive $75 off your registration.

Only at SpaceCom can you become Space Smart. Register today to:

  • Learn how your peers are taking advantage of space-enabled services
  • Partner with leaders and entrepreneurs in the commercial space industry
  • Access more than 250 NASA executives to explore contract and partner opportunities
  • Gain competitive advantage by making smart connections within this growing and lucrative business sector
  • Utilize innovation and technologies form other industries to help your bottom line


Register Now


Use code EM1 to save $75 off your full conference registration between now and June 30!