Ukraine and Moldova Unit Testing and Modeling Project [1]


The electric power networks in Ukraine and Moldova are currently connected to the IPS/UPS synchronous zone administered by the Russian Federation.

Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica, the national transmission system operators (TSO) of Ukraine and Moldova, signed an interconnection agreement with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) in 2017.

Prior to disconnecting from the IPS/UPS and joining the ENTSO-E synchronous interconnection, each TSO must meet a set of demanding reliability standards.

The USAID/USEA Energy Technology and Governance Program (ETAG) is providing technical support to Ukrenergo and Moldelectrica as they seek to join ENTSO-E. Within the last year, ETAG assisted Ukrenergo to develop a mathematical simulation model of Ukraine’s electric power transmission network. The model is being used by ENTSO-E to conduct a feasibility study measuring Ukraine’s ability to meet the technical conditions of the interconnection agreement. Similar work is now underway in Moldova.




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