Willem Theron

General Manager, Business Dev. - Southern African Energy

Mr Willem JC Theron is employed by Eskom, South Africa, as a General Manager in the Southern African Energy Unit.  Mr Theron played a pro-active role in the development of energy trading in the Southern African Power Pool and the implementation of Eskom’s strategic direction in Southern Africa and beyond. 

Mr Theron has been with Eskom for 35 years and holds various tertiary qualifications in engineering and commerce.  

Prior to him establishing the Eskom’s International Energy Trading function in 1995, he focussed on system operations at Eskom’s National Control Centre. 

Mr Theron is currently accountable for all new business development opportunities in the SADC Region which include MPNK, STE and other Hydro and Gas projects in Mozambique.

He also serves as a member and official on various SAPP governance committees and is passionate about the socio economic empowerment of our people and the industrialisation of the Africa as a whole.