Southeast Europe Distribution System Operator Security of Supply Working Group (SEEDSO)

Energy Technology and Governance Program



The Southeast Europe Distribution System Operator Security of Supply Working Group was established in July 2013 to assist the electric distribution companies in Southeast Europe to improve their operations and overall system management through regional collaboration. The DSOs in the region are facing similar challenges but have had limited opportunities to share their experiences since before the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia.

The Working Group is demand driven to respond to the needs of the distribution companies in the region, with an emphasis on the following:

  • Smart Grid technology applications to reduce line losses, integrate renewable energy and implement asset management programs;
  • Utility safety standards;
  • Development of business continuity plans to assist electric companies plan for emergency scenarios that may impact their ability to provide reliable electric power to consumers;
  • Development of strategies and procedures, including mutual assistance plans where appropriate, for fast restoration of service after a significant outage; and
  • Benchmarking utility operational best practices

Members of the Working Group include  representatives from the DSOs in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia. The energy regulatory authorities for these DSOs participate in the Working Group as observers:

The Working Group completed one of the most comprehensive benchmarking analysis for DSOs in the region comparing overe 100 general, operational, technical, financial amd customer service key performance indicators.  This analysis is updated regularly and is used as a continous monitoring tool to assess the progress of the member DSOs in comparision to one another and also to one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S., American Electric Power(AEP). 

Following the catastrophic flooding in the region in 2014, the Working Group produced a report analyzing what happended, how the affected DSOs responded and provided recommendations on on how thet could improve their emergency preparedness and disaster response programs.

Most recently, the Working Group completed a study analyzing how the DSOs in the region can effectively accommodate the increasingly large numbers of distributed renewable energy resources into their networks.