Energy Utility Partnership Program (EUPP)

The United States Agency for International Development Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3) launched a new program titled the Energy Utility Partnership Program (EUPP).  Through a Cooperative Agreement with the United States Energy Association (USEA), the E3 Bureau is making a new program available to all USAID assisted countries and USAID Missions.  See below for further information.

EUPP will assist developing countries to increase environmentally sustainable energy production and use and improve the operational efficiency and increased financial viability of their utilities and related institutions.

The goal of the EUPP is to increase access in USAID-assisted countries to environmentally sound energy services by:

  • Improving policy and legal frameworks to establish necessary market conditions for the private sector delivery of energy services and environmental management services;
  • Increasing institutional ability to provide or deliver energy and environmental management services in the new and enhanced markets; and
  • Increasing public understanding of, and participation in, decisions regarding delivery of energy and environmental management services.

Utility Partnerships

The EUPP, in consultation with USAID, will select U.S. and other utilities to partner with the developing country utility to share best practices.  Typically, a partnership is established for a two-year period, in which 3-4 executive business trips are made per year, evenly divided between the U.S. and overseas partners.

Once partners have been selected, the participating organizations will execute a Work Plan of activities for the fiscal year to address the needs of the non-U.S. utility and the interests of the U.S. utility partner. Three or four specific issue areas will be identified in the Work Plan to be addressed during the partnership.   Executive business trips between partners are the principal activities of the partnership program. EUPP can support a wide variety of policy & technology executive business trips. 

Utility partnerships between U.S. and developing energy service providers will identify specific countries and outline areas of interest that will directly support the goal of USAID to achieve the provision of modern energy services and to improve energy sector governance, including:

  • The organization and structure of markets;
  • The capacity of management to operate a utility along commercial lines; and
  • The expansion of access to reliable and modern forms of energy by consumers in USAID client countries.

To help assure increased, environmentally sustainable energy production and use in developing countries, EUPP will focus on such topics as:

  • Generation;
  • Transmission;
  • Distribution;
  • Energy Sector Reform;
  • Energy Markets;
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy;
  • Energy Information and Research;
  • Environmental Improvement; and
  • Natural Gas and Oil.

For more information on the EUPP, please click here to contact Marjorie Jean-Pierre.