Advancing a Novel Application for Power Plant Carbon Dioxide Capture Utilizing Fuel Cells

Efficiently and affordably capturing CO2 from utility scale power generation is a global challenge and a large potential market opportunity.  Conventional carbon capture technologies use power and represent an expense.  FuelCell Energy and ExxonMobil are advancing a novel application for installing carbonate fuel cells at combustion-based power plants to efficiently capture CO2 while simultaneously producing power from the fuel cells.  Affordable and scalable, fuel cell carbon capture is a potential game-changer. 

This presentation will explain fuel cell carbon capture supported with discussion of a demonstration project to be placed at Plant Barry, a mixed coal/gas-fired plant owned by Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company.


Tony Leo

VP - Applications & Advanced Technology Development
FuelCell Energy, Inc.
Mr. Leo manages Advanced Technology Development at FuelCell Energy, which is focused on expanding markets... more

Frank Wolak

Vice President – Government Business
FuelCell Energy, Inc.
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Dr. Michael C. Kerby

Corporate Strategic Research Manager
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
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